Shiitake Japanese Restaurant

Decoration are kindly natural style, there are many seat are connected to the garden or near the window which are garden view outside. On the tables also have vase of small tree and also Japanese Style Lamp are hanging around the restaurant which is the mixture between modern and ancient Japanese culture.
Shiitake Japanese Restaurant which is decorated as Japanese Contemporary style are also have VIP Meeting room available for up to 12 persons, this special decorated room are really suitable for special occasion such as the important business meeting or important special party of important persons and etc.


Japanese Menus at Shiitake Japanese Restaurant are well prepared, focus on freshness of all food ingrediants. Which will be the best choice of food, the nutritional value of Japanese food is recognized from around the globe. Japanese People are also known as one of the longest life and the most healthy nationality of the world.

Baquet Service
At Shiitake's has dinning facilities to accommodate 60 guests inside the air-conditioned room. There is also the open-air space near the garden which is suitable for a group of party for 100 pax. and the special private VIP meeting room which is well prepared (Japanese decoration style) for special meeting of the 12 elegance VIP guests

Shiitake's Banquet Service, click to see the Party's Photos

Shiitake's Japanese Restaurant has more varieties of menus for the valued customers, the outstanding menus are as shown below :

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